Carnivorus Plant tapestry

    185 x 144cm (72,8" x 56,6")

Tapestry art is one of the most effective forms of literary expression the world has ever known. Through the use of this unique art form, the stories of Homer's Odyssey and Illiad were told and made vivid to the ancient Greeks. Even the stories of Virgil's Aneida and Ovid's Metamorphoses were made vivid to the Romans through the use of these art pieces. In fact, tapestry art has vividly told the stories of the Greeks, Romans, Medieval, and the Renaissance period as well as the Old & New Testament. Countless heroes and nobility have owned hand tapestry art in France, England, Germany, and Italy from ancient times to more recently throughout the Thirteenth to the Eighteenth centuries.

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About Nicu Zeleznicovu
As a child, I was a big admirer of artists who succeeded, through their art, to give life to wood, stone or canvas. I wanted to experience it myself but the family tradition was stronger than me. So I became an engineer, expressing my creativity by melding metal. Years later my first love claimed its right and I graduated the Folk Art School, the sculpture department.

“The tapestries that you have created are really wonderful. Surely there are few people at this moment to understand the contemporary art as profoundity as you do.”

Sabin Balasa plastic artist

"Your tapestries are beautiful and certainly look different from what are used to seeing here in New Zeeland. The shapes are wonderful."

Jean McLauchlan, National President Creative Fibre Blenheim, New Zeeland

"I visited your site. Congratulations, your tapestries are beautiful"

Louise Lemieux Berube, Director Montreal Centre for Contemporany Textiles Canada

"Thank you for introdusing us to your beautiful tapestries"

Phillis Shanley, Coordinator "Bryan Memorial Gallery" U.S.A.